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Utah Valley Magazine is our middle child — we had two kids before we gave birth to the magazine and two after was born. But now my two boys and two girls are in school all day while I coddle the middle child with commas and Photoshop.

The office toys — including a baby swing and dump truck — used to see daily action, but now they sit dormant waiting for tiny visitors. Today the office lit up when newly-walking Maggie brought her mom, Briana Stewart, to the conference room to review BusinessQ proofs.

Briana is waving to her daughter while “aunt Kate” creatively swaddles Maggie in her scarf. Even though the non-Bennetts outnumber us 3 to 1, it’s a family affair around these parts. And that’s just the way we raised this company.

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  1. OK, I totally love this picture (and this post).

    Thanks for raising your company the way you have. We adopted folks feel completely, totally blessed to be a part of it.

  2. Maggie has stolen my heart :-)

  3. I second Bri! We love having Maggie around during BQ & Bride season :)

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