I’m Married to a 40-Year-Old Man

Matt is the big 4-0 today. I remember my dad’s 40th birthday. Weird. We aren’t newlyweds anymore. Thank goodness! I met Matt when he was in ninth grade. I developed a slight crush on him when he was a junior. I was on the same group date with him when he was a senior. I kissed him when he was a recently returned LDS missionary. And I married him when he was a junior at BYU. And now I’m in love with him as a parent, business partner, best friend, artist, comedian, housekeeper and therapist. Every meal, car ride and conversation are more fun when Matt’s around. There’s no stress, no disappointment and no silence when Matt’s in the house. And we all love him for it — especially Lola, who got a sweet ride around Disneyland if she even HINTED at being sick of the stroller. Dad to the rescue. I’m not an easy person to be married to (think messes and mayhem), but Matt takes it all in stride – and takes pictures, too. Here’s the snapshot he took during a recent church meeting and sent it to me (I was sitting on the stand). He’s the most generous person I know, but he also takes time for his own hobbies. Right now he’s got “rolling ball sculpture” on the brain. And until recently, it was on the kitchen table. Which means I’m a patient wife, too. Maybe it’s the synergy that makes 1 plus 1 equal more than two. Latest count? Family of 7. Led by a 40-year-old man. Love you!