Just a Few More Questions, Sir

Jef Holm (co-founder of People Water in Lindon and winner of “The Bachelorette”) was on the phone with Emily when he pulled up to our interview/photo shoot for the Sept/Oct 2012 cover story for Utah Valley Magazine. I would have loved to listen in on the lovebirds’ conversation, but I have to admit the back-and-forth I DID have with Jef was pretty cool on its own. Here are a few Qs and As that didn’t make it into the printed version. UV: Have you Googled your name to see what comes up? Jef: I haven’t done that once. During our first weekend away together, Emily and I talked about how crazy the media was going to get. We both want to ignore it, but Emily warned me that she gets hurt and upset with things that come out in the media about her. I told her I’d do my best to make her laugh about it. UV: What happened after the final rose? Jef: The last show happened on May 11th, and then Emily and I went to an island in the Caribbean to unwind and really get to know each other without cameras, microphones and producers setting things up for us. We just got to hang out, and that was fun. UV: I kept hearing about “Jef sightings” around Utah County. Did you go out more often because of the excitement of the show? Jef: Maybe it seemed like I went out a lot because when I did go out it was usually in situations where hundreds of people were there. I definitely didn’t go out as much as I usually do.UV: Any regrets? Jef: No regrets. It’s something I’ll never do again, but it was a fun experience.UV: Have you always been a fan of reality TV?Jef: I really like Scott from the Kardashians. He’s a funny guy. But I’ve only seen one or two episodes of “The Bachelor” in the past. I saw “After the Final Rose” of Emily and Brad’s season just to see what it was like. UV: Is it cool or annoying that we all know so much about you? Jef: In some ways it’s cool to have my whole life be transparent. It’s fun to have people know certain things. I feel very open and very honest. UV: What did you pack when you left for the show? Jef: I went with two suitcases and came back with four. I’d never been to some of the locations that we visited on the show, and I did some shopping. UV: What type of person were you in high school?Jef: I loved hanging out with my friends, I played soccer all through high school, and I was very active. I went to the lake all the time with friends and family. I snowboarded in the winter. I dated a lot of girls and had fun.And here are a few extra sentences that also got trimmed away … “Emily and I talked about a lot of stuff, but they can’t show every conversation or the show would be two years long.” “We haven’t had any hardships with the media — typically there are things that come up that break up ‘reality’ couples, but we haven’t had that.” (Our interview was BEFORE the media circus in late August.) “I want more tattoos. Maybe an armful of them.”