Burley, Idaho

My family hosts WFFD (Waite Family Fun Days) every year. It’s a 24-hour whirlwind of cousining, thanking each other for assigned meals, sharing updates that we already knew about from Facebook, and watching the brothers-in-law outdo each other with humor and potential broken bones (this year, “danger” came in the form of axes and ziplines). I kicked off my 2012 familial festivities with a little radio show action wherein the SistasInZion tried to get to the bottom of whether I am a racist. (I hope listeners believe the answer is “no.”) If you’d like to listen, go here. Don’t feel any pressure — personally I haven’t had the wherewithal to revisit the interview that also included call-in questions.After this one-hour hotseat where I learned to “holla back,” I was starving. And since we were in Burley, Idaho, my culinary choices on a Sunday night were aplenty — that is, if I wanted to eat at a taco cart perched in a pothole-filled parking lot. Fortunately, I found their beef nachos to be top-nach. Seriously. I have been craving a repeat performance ever since we made our way back down I-15. I need a taco cart in my neighborhood so I can stuff money in my children’s fingers and send them to place our orders during the dinner hour.If there were a taco cart in my neighborhood serving authentic Mexican fare, I would have a perfect source for the diversity package I’m working on for Utah Valley Magazine. Want to help? Do you know of someone who doesn’t fit the Utah Valley “mold” of white AND LDS? Then post a comment or e-mail me at jeanette@uvmag.com. I’m looking forward to reading this batch of comments with both eyes open.