Meeting Mitt

Mitt Romney and I go way back. In 2004 I sat knee-to-knee with the well-dressed book author at the Grand America for an interview about his writings, his Olympic memories and his Utah County opinions. I must admit we haven’t spoken since, but I won’t forget that day – nor the hours I spent with his wife, Ann Romney, for her Utah Valley Magazine cover story in 2008. Mitt couldn’t believe the speed of my typing, and he commented on my skills throughout our interview. He was easy to talk to and open with his thoughts — two traits not always common with the famous and the fortunate. Unlike many journalists, I’m not a political junkie. But I do know a good person when I see him, and Mitt Romney is good to great. I wish him luck today on “Super Tuesday.” I’m sure if the voters could sit knee-to-knee with him, the choice would be pretty clear. Here’s a glimpse at my Q&A with the front-runner to the Republican nomination.