Jimmer Jammer

We love Hudson Printing. They take our ideas from digital to glossy. They turn projects around in a couple of days when we’re desperate. They forgive us when we forget to include the bleed or when we leave an RGB image. And they bring us nuts for Christmas. But most of all, we love Hudson for sharing their front-row Jazz tickets once or twice a year. And this year, our beloved Hudson gave us courtside seats to the Jimmer show. We heard the crowd cheer — and boo, strangely enough — for our cover boy from March/April 2011. The Salt Lake Tribune even snapped a photo of Matt (blue shirt taking photo) and Nathan (maroon Lone Peak sweatshirt) watching Jimmer with their unobstructed view.During warmups, Jimmer looked over at my 8-year-old son who was holding this sign.Jimmer gave Carson a smile and a head bob. Then Channel 4 came over and filmed my boy in his Jimmer jersey. It was the kind of night worth ending my blogging drought.