The Office Christmas Party

Christmas and co-workers go together like tortilla soup and Sundance. Which is precisely where we went and what we ate. We locked up the office, headed up the canyon, and swapped our gifts. The festivities started with Kendall giving Kate a pecan roll, which may need some explanation. I have none to give.Then Roxanne gifted Stacy a cream-colored scarf, which happened to match her very outfit on this very day. Hugs!Whitney made Alison personalized coasters, and Whitney was like a kid on Christmas morning as she watched Alison open the mod-podge beauties.Kendall’s gift from Sheri wins the prize for the most intriguing shape. Turns out, it was a coach’s bucket labeled with “Coach Bennett” and a padded seat on top. Chocolate licorice — a favorite of this sweet-toothed expo manager — was tucked inside. Perfect.Last but not least, I opened a rectangular gift from Briana — a gorgeous silver platter, which I promptly recognized as a perfect photo-shoot prop. (It will be lovely to get Utah Valley Bride Magazine off to the printer and off of the mind tomorrow.)Unlike past Christmas gigs, this meal was bittersweet. The lunch was tasty and filled with laughter, but it also marked the end of an era. After this calendar year, we will no longer be working day-to-day with Kendall and Roxanne (Matt’s brother and sister-in-law). We’ve been together for nearly 12 years, which is exactly how old Utah Valley Magazine is. New adventures await both of us, and we couldn’t be more optimistic — or more sad. Today? Mostly sad. But luckily we share the Bennett name and the Cougar game tickets, so there will be plenty of meals and gifts in our future.Thank goodness. Someday I just might need a pecan roll.