I can look at my situation in one of two ways — either things are looking up, up, up … OR … things are exploding beyond my control. Shall we go with “up”? Here is my son Nathan’s recent science fair project. He (and by “he” I mean all six of us in the family) tested the Diet Coke/Mentos explosion using different temperatures of soda. Turns out hot soda explodes the highest. Turns out our dog likes to lap up foamy soda. Turns out that makes him sick. Turns out I have an idea for my next kid’s science project … We also had an explosion of ballots come in for our Readers Choice awards in Utah Valley Magazine. Next year, we’re going to have technology do a little more of the legwork. But this year, the legwork was done by the legs of our very own, very tired staff. You can see the stash of goodies in the middle of the table, including the brown box of candy Legos from Blickenstaff’s. Not sure why we opened them “rat style,” but we all found ourselves sticking our hands in the ragged opening to grab colorful, edible cubes. Sugar headaches all around.  This was how Kate celebrated when the last ballot was counted. And now there’s an explosion of work being done around here. We’re finishing up a few custom magazines, our best-ever issue of Utah Valley Bride, and our “Best Of” issue of Utah Valley Magazine (including the results of the exhausting ballots). Yep, things are definitely looking up around here (including our sugar and soda consumption).