Not a Week for the Weak

Things are hopping at Bennett Communications this week. Sure, we turned in the Utah Realtors Association quarterly magazine. True, we hand-tabulated thousands of reader choice surveys. Yes, we are organizing interviews with five Olympians. But the real newsflash has everything to do with photography. Dave Blackhurst photographed four members of our magazine family for our next issue of Utah Valley Bride. When you see this pic in the magazine, these dresses will be cropped and headless. But in this behind-the-scenes shot, you can see (from left) Leah Aldous (graphic designer); Kate Lehnhof (editor); Alison Dyer (ad rep); and Whitney Behling (office manager). They obviously look amazing in solid-colored dresses and brown cowgirl boots, but you should also see how beautiful they are at their jobs — and their job descriptions are obviously all over the place, including this field behind our Orem office. Here is a close-up of Kate (green dress) who is our very own Utah Valley Bride. She’s planning her nuptials as she plans the pages of our bride magazine. You might call it editorial research — with a bit of permanence attached to it. We also photographed 20 locally sold wedding dresses this week with Kenneth Linge at InStudio. It’s been a picture-worthy week here, and we can’t wait to show you the final results!

10 Things I Shoulda Blogged About

So it’s been six weeks since I blogged. I have at least six excuses, but instead I’ll tell you 10 things I shoulda, coulda, woulda blogged about. Hailey, my 11-year-old, accompanied me to the fifth annual Women in Philanthropy Gala this past Saturday. Several people said she looks like a mini-me … maybe it’s because she gets dressed in my closet.
One of the women who caught my eye at the Women in Philanthropy gala was Meredith Gaufin, who was our “cover girl” for our May/June 2010 issue of Utah Valley Magazine. There are THREE girls in the photo above (which hopefully explains the “bump”). At my 20-week ultrasound two weeks ago, Matt and I identified the gender and smiled at each other before the technician could type, “I’m a girl!” The tie has been broken. We’re all happy except for Carson, my youngest son. He fasted on Sunday that the baby would be a boy. And the kid’s got faith, so this could make for an interesting March delivery. My kids threw two things off the Space Needle in Seattle during fall break. We’re lucky we’re not sitting in the Seattle Jail right now. I turned 37 this past month. Matt’s thoughtful streak of presents is still alive. He grabbed a brick from the rubble of our first Provo apartment (affectionately called “rat hole” by our affluent newlywed friends) and had “1995” engraved on it. That’s the year we became roommates and I became a Bennett. I plan to keep this brick for the rest of my life. And I plan to avoid living in another rat hole for the rest of my life.) This made up for his other birthday gift, which was the same book he gave me for my 36th birthday. He thought it looked familiar …) My youngest son turned 8 on the same day his grandfather turned 65. Neither of them plan to retire anytime soon.My oldest son turned 14 and had his birthday all to himself. I put on a race-themed leadership meeting for Young Women leaders. Despite a recent stall in my running career, I was out of breath during my entire presentation (see item #3). I spoke on three panels within a month’s time. One was at TouchPoint, one at a book conference at UVU, and one at a Women’s Business Conference. Panels are the way to go. Expectations for visual aids are low, I can “pass” on a question, and I learn oodles from the other panelists. Oh, and I sit behind a table where nobody can see my ankles (again, see item #3).So there you have it. Ten news items, zero excuses, 22 weeks gestation and three birthdays within a month. Life is good — and that’s more than just a T-shirt slogan in my often-raided closet.