9 Years and 9 Things

(Above: Greg Bennett at a recent interview/photo shoot with the UVU basketball coach. Greg is our “sports editor” here at BC.) This month marks NINE YEARS since my brother-in-law came on board as an editor and writer here at Bennett Communications. There are many kind quips I could share about being related to Greg and working with this man who is 13 months my junior, but here are nine to celebrate the same number of years we’ve breathed the same deadline air. Although Greg and my husband are the same height and hair color, those of us “in the know” can tell these brothers apart instantly by looks and personality. But many clients and community members think Matt and Greg are one and the same. I love that Greg knows when to correct people and when to just “go with it.” Greg is the world’s expert in organizing and producing Parade of Homes magazines from start to finish. I have a call into Guinness to make sure the world knows there is nobody better at coordinating floor plans, subcontractor lists, sponsor ads and last-minute changes. Greg keeps our HBA clients happy in Utah Valley, Park City, Northern Wasatch and Salt Lake. And that keeps me happy. No other staffer can add humor to our monthly meetings like Greg can. His serious side easily gives way to pop culture references and spot-on impersonations. In our first out-of-home office at the mouth of Provo Canyon, I shared a small room with Greg, Matt and our intern. Tight quarters led to funnies and frustration. When Greg repeatedly asked a certain intern to turn down her Celine Dion music, she started to hold her head down close to the speakers to hear the single decibel Greg would allow. I can’t hear Celine Dion anymore without picturing someone voluntarily getting a neck cramp to keep Greg happy. I’ve been bossing Greg around since 9th grade when I was the yearbook editor of our junior high, and he was the star seventh grader on the staff. He knows when to listen to me, when to ignore me and when to spoon feed me advice and perspective. Greg patiently waited at numerous press conferences and media moments trying to line up an interview with THE JIMMER for our March/April 2011 cover story in Utah Valley Magazine. Greg did eventually get to ask the Qs to the man-of-the-hour. Some have asked why I didn’t do that interview. Of course I would have loved to chat with Jimmer, but I didn’t have the stamina for the media frenzy. Greg to the rescue. Greg organizes a Bennett Communications tradition — Pick ’ems, which is a weekly lunch dedicated to predicting football outcomes for the upcoming weekend. He tracks the games and names the winner each Monday morning. Greg also organizes the cleaning assignments here at the BC. We’re not fancy pants enough to have an after-hours janitorial crew. Our staff cleans toilets and takes out garbage in between photo shoots and interviews. And Greg is the one who keeps the job chart alive. You might say he’s the mom of the office — but if you do say that, be prepared for him to sling a lighthearted comeback your way.9) As our longest-tenured staff member (other than myself, Matt, Kendall and Roxanne), Greg has lived BC history. Last Christmas, he volunteered to create a video celebrating the company timeline. He tracked down embarrassing pictures and ensured everyone’s face got some face time. And today I wanted to shed a little spotlight on him. Thanks for nine dedicated and delirious years, Greg! You make the office a happy — and funny — place to be.