Jeanette Squared

Back in May, Jeanette Herbert and I chatted in the parlor of the Governor’s Mansion in Salt Lake City. Our conversation jumped from parenting, to marriage, to home repair, to running a business. Her expertise and experience run the gamut, which made for a great interview and (hopefully) an enlightening cover story in our July/August issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Last night, I returned to the parlor as a guest at the Governor’s Mansion Artist Awards. Matt and I were invited by Layton Construction, which sponsors the awards. We publish Layton’s quarterly magazine and enjoy our business and personal relationship with this commercial construction company. The Herberts were gracious and entertaining hosts. The governor read a cowboy poem Jeanette had written for him. It poked fun at politicians and had the crowd giggling. I love that the Herberts take all forms of art — but not themselves — seriously. The program also named past recipients of the awards, and I easily found nine former Utah Valley cover stories on the list: Karen Ashton (September 2000 — premiere issue) Donny Osmond (March 2001) James Christensen (Christmas issue 2001) Ruth Hale (Christmas issue 2002) Gary Price (Christmas issue 2003) 5 Browns (March 2005) Sam Cardon (Christmas issue 2005) Kurt Bestor (Christmas issue 2009) Michael McLean (Christmas issue 2010) Jeanette and I continued our chat after the guests filed out of the third-floor ballroom. I’m proud to share a name with this classy and approachable First Lady.