Four Score and Seven Days Ago

Here are four “scores” from my first week of September … TIMPANOGOS STORYTELLING FESTIVAL. This annual event is where we go for a new batch of inside jokes and catchy rhymes. We love hearing from tellers around the country who bring their diversity to the stage and to their stories. My 11-year-old (you can see her hands in the bottom right) got so into the stories that she started painting her nails without remembering she was in tight quarters, which is the wrong place for strong smells. Maybe I’ll tell that story someday in a talk about manners. One of our favorite things to do when we’re at this beautiful late summer event is to browse the festival store. I’ve been talked into buying puppets the past several years. Now that our closets and fingers are full, we settled for a picture with puppets.
FLAPJACKS Another “score” this week was fixing Tree Street Grains pancakes for breakfast. We featured this locally made mix in our current issue of Utah Valley Magazine here. Although the mix has 16 grains, it touts itself as “amazingly mild,” which is important for my picky pancakers. They gave it two forks way up!
POWER WITH A POINT I also spoke to the Utah County Association of Realtors this week. Other than a major PowerPoint glitch that was fixed with a little audience participation, it was a great event. (FYI: I was “Plan B” when the president of SUU had to cancel last week, but I’m OK with Plan B because I feel like the expectations are lower.) I told them stories from our 11 years of running magazines, and here I am showing our very first cover of Utah Valley Magazine — which was oh-so-exciting in 2000 and oh-so-difficult to look at now. The lighting on Karen Ashton’s face wasn’t quite right. The best part of this meeting was a box lunch from Spark Restaurant. I’m still thinking about that wrap and guacamole. Click here to see their ad in the July issue of Utah Valley Magazine, which happens to include a coupon that doesn’t expire till the end of this month. Head to Provo and be fed.FABULOUS FRIEND AND HIS MOVIE Back in March, we printed one of my favorite stories of the year: our Fabulous 50. Christian Vuissa was part of our 2011 batch shown here. His latest creation is in theaters, but he also sent me a media review copy of “Joseph Smith: Volume 1 Plates of Gold.” I watched it this week, and it is really well done.  I learned new insights about the founders and founding of the LDS Church. If you want filmmakers to make clean, meaningful films, then vote with your dollars and catch this flick in the theaters this weekend. That concludes my “four score” roundup for the week. September is off to a winning start!