Watching the Phones

Maybe it’s because we write a lot about local dining options. Maybe it’s because we photograph food and design delicious pages. Or maybe it’s just because writing/editing/designing/selling equals appetite. For whatever reason, our staff likes to eat out. All summer, we’ve met on Wednesdays for lunch at either Milagros, Cafe Rio or Costa Vida. (We thought we’d pick a theme and go with it. Mexican for all.) Today marks the start of our fall lunch tradition — pick ’ems. Once a week during college football season, we go to lunch and jot down our predictions for the wins/losses on the field this weekend. The winning staffer is announced on the following Monday, and he/she picks the restaurant for the next pick ’ems. Week in, week out. Food in, well … you get the picture.College football starts THIS WEEK, and my husband thinks it’s basically Christmas. Today’s football lunch is at Mama Chus at the mouth of Provo Canyon. Our first office was just up the hill from this must-eat location, so it’s a pick ’ems tradition to kick off college football around the Mama Chus table. Lunch specials all around. The only drawback is that I drew the short straw and I’m watching the phones while everyone else prognosticates and pounds down enchiladas. Truth? I haven’t been studying the teams and wouldn’t be a good predictor of wins/losses. But don’t tell my husband. He thinks I’ve been listening the past few weeks when he’s been giving me the rundown on teams, schedules and injuries.So far during my lonely office time, I’ve talked to a print salesperson, someone with a question about her subscription and a client who walked in to pay his bill. And I’ve looked through old pictures of staff lunches like this one  … I hope they remember to bring me back an entree.