Ann or Bust!

“Iowans for Mitt” tracked me down a few weeks ago. They wanted to make buttons of Mitt Romney and Ann Romney as part of their efforts to elect the best man for president (so much for my journalistic objectivity). Although they already had a photo of Mitt, they were searching for a great shot of Ann — and they came across our July/August 2008 issue. So we tracked down the raw image and e-mailed them our lovely Ann Romney photo, which we took on a Thursday in Southern California. It had been a year-long process to land on Ann’s busy schedule in June 2008. I jumped at the chance when her assistant finally offered, “She DOES have time this week if you can come to California.” Being editor of Utah Valley Magazine doesn’t involve much travel, so I was giddy to buy plane tickets for me and for the photographers. After all, I’d been staring at the “Ann or bust!” note pinned above my desk for months (I actually still have it up for a confidence booster). And now that long-awaited interview and photo shoot is memorialized on the lapels of Mitt lovers in Iowa and beyond. (I think our photo of Ann outshines Mitt’s mug, no?) My friends in Iowa sent us a batch of pins as a thank-you for the photo rights, and our art director, Dave, sports both faces on his shoulders. Instead of a devil and an angel whispering advice, Dave says the pins represent two angels helping him make decisions about layouts, fonts and photo backdrops. Watch out, readers! The next issue will be truly inspired!