The Other Side of the Question Marks

I’ve always liked to listen. I used to eavesdrop when my mom would shuffle around the kitchen as she talked on our corded cream-colored phone. I learned new words and new information — such as the cause of death for my grandma and that my mom was officially done after having seven kids. So becoming a journalist was natural for me. I asked the questions and listened to the answers. That’s my skillset. And this is why it’s unnatural for me to be on the other side of the question marks. The only plus is that I’m reminded of how hot the hot seat can be.My most recent Q&A (where I’m the “A”) was for Startup Princess. They’ve invited me to be part of their Touchpoint conference next month, and we did a little get-to-know-you in preparation. Here is what I had to say. There’s a bit of a personal announcement buried in there that may surprise some of you just the way it surprised me and Matt. But I love surprises almost as much as I love listening.