Beam Me Up

Today I attended the “topping ceremony” for the Utah Valley Convention Center. The 52,000-square-feet of meeting space will open in Spring 2012, and dozens of VIPs showed up under a white tent today to celebrate the milestone. Before the ceremony began, Joel Racker (CEO of Utah Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau) invited us to sign the white beam that will “top” the building in downtown Provo. I added my John Hancock and then asked Fred Parker (general manager of the Courtyard Marriott in Provo) to snap my picture. It seemed like a momentous occasion I’ll tell my grandchildren about and want proof to go with my story. Provo Mayor John Curtis, who thanked me for this article, told the crowd the convention center will contribute in ways most of us can’t comprehend to the liveliness of Provo’s downtown. “Our residents want to see a vibrant downtown,” he says. “Can you imagine a more vibrant contribution than a convention center? The pieces of the puzzle are coming together for Provo.” Don Nay, Utah County’s associate public works director, added, “We’ve built some pretty important buildings during my years here, but this is the most significant building the county has ever built. This is going to have a game-changing impact on Utah Valley.” Those are some pretty strong words, but I like ’em. Look for more photos in our next issue of BusinessQ.