Jeanette Unplugged

All week I was craving a non-digital experience. I needed a little distance from my MacBook Pro and my iPhone. I needed to be unable to check my e-mail or accept friends on Facebook. I needed to be “one with nature” with zero technological strings attached. Enter Stewart Falls. I’ve hiked this 2-mile trail behind Timpanogos a handful of times, and my soul was craving a repeat. Knowing I could take this hike with my Bennett brood on Friday afternoon motivated me to get my projects done and prepare to unplug. I shook my head Friday morning when the skies were crackling and the clouds were crying. My soul wasn’t prepared for a rain-out. Luckily by the time we headed up Provo Canyon, Mother Nature was dishing out the ideal hiking climate. We parked near Aspen Grove, and I gladly left my phone in the car. I briefly reconsidered so I could take pictures, but then I assigned Matt the photo duties and said goodbye to my only connection to life beyond my six-person pedigree chart. Let freedom (not) ring! When we got close enough to hear the waterfall, Lindsey (age 6) kept saying, “Don’t peek! Wait till we get there before you look up at the falls!” The picture above reminds me of our last visit to the Falls of Stewart in 2009. Lindsey and I have both grown in the past two years. And so has the rest of the fam. Here’s the group back in ’09. One thing that hasn’t changed is Matt’s allegiance to BYU. His 2011 attire (see below) was pretty much the same — which isn’t that surprising considering he has two types of shirts in his closet: BYU T-shirts and button-up dress shirts from Costco. Perfect ending to a busy week!