Sam I Am … Going to Miss You

When we first came in contact with Samantha Strong Murphey (second from right), we knew she’d fit in. It takes a special soul to work at Bennett Communications. You have to laugh at stories from the early days of our publishing company (tales get more exaggerated with each telling). You have to like Mexican food. You have to be OK with kids in the office from time to time. And you have to work hard. And harder. Samantha’s work ethic has been top-notch, starting with her first day 13 months ago and her last day today. She’s still planning blog posts and proofing pages even though it’s time for her to clean out her desk and turn in her key. I get attached to my team, and Sam is a key player on the roster. We’ve ordered velvet ropes to guard her desk starting Monday. You can get a taste for Sam’s talent at her blog. In her post about me, she is the one doing the exaggerating. I’m not a good boss, but reading her post made me want to deserve her description. To prove it, I’m sitting on the floor right now just in case someone stops by who needs a chair. Sam, I am. going. to. miss. you. Good luck in Atlanta. (Sam is third from left on the front row in last year’s Christmas photo. Maybe we’ll Photoshop her in next year, too.