Sometimes Plan B is so much better. We planned to see “17 Miracles” last night at Cinemark by University Mall in Orem. Kettlecorn? Yes, please! Local film? Love it. On the way there, I told my four children to watch for instances of love and compassion in the pioneer movie. We arrived just before showtime, but the box office had no compassion. Sold out! The Justin Bieber lookalike suggested we slip into “Kung Fu Panda 2,” which had started 10 minutes ago. Not exactly the type of compassion I was hoping for, young man. As we dejectedly walked back to our car, we saw the sign for Creativity Art Studio like a beacon of Monday night light before us. We had written about this new place in our May issue of Utah Valley Magazine, but we hadn’t experienced the ceramic art studio for ourselves. I got elected to go in and make sure they were open and could accommodate six. “Give us the tomahawk chop signal if it’s OK for us to come in,” my lighthearted husband and kids told me. A moment later, I chopped and they hopped. We quickly settled into an amateur table (me, Nathan, Carson, Lindsey) and an artist table (Matt and Hailey). We amateurs had our piggy banks and toothbrush holders layered with color before the artists had mapped out their motifs. “Dad, next time we should come by ourselves,” Hailey muttered. (Here are the artists at work …)
Even though my creativity knows all sorts of bounds, it was a fun and memorable night. And there’s no doubt our light switch plate, popcorn bowl and mug will last much longer than kettle corn.

Maybe next Monday we’ll pick up our glazed beauties and head over to the theater before showtime. For information on Creativity Art Studio, read the write-up in Utah Valley Magazine here. For information on the tomahawk chop, try Google or YouTube. Or give my kids a call. P.S. Thank you, Chris, for giving us a tour and making us feel so welcome at Creativity Art Studio.