Head Down

I’ve been keeping my head down the past couple weeks as we move several magazines through the production cycle. The happiest moments of my life are when I get to erase a magazine off my giant whiteboard. On Friday, we turned in the Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes magazine AND the next issue of Prosper Magazine featuring Xocai. Erase! We are oh-so-close to wiping off Utah Realtor Magazine and BYU Comms Department Magazine. But we need to dot many “i’s” and cross many “t’s” before the July/August issue of Utah Valley Magazine is ready for public consumption. Right now it would be a meager meal. My boss (aka myself) is telling me to GET TO WORK! My other bosses (Nathan, Hailey, Carson and Lindsey) are asking …How do you spell “cotton candy machine”? How much are you paying me to sweep the garage? Did we eat lunch? How many days till my birthday? Do you know where my other cleat is?…. I’m surrounded by adorable slave drivers. I better get to work so I can afford a cotton candy machine and pay for my clean garage. Head down, head down.