I Have Hope for America

The patriotism in Utah County this time of year makes it feel like Washington, D.C., around here. We’re letting freedom ring from school hallways to community centers. Today I attended Hope of America at Deerfield Elementary in Cedar Hills and learned that “America Rocks!”The main Hope of America performance took place earlier this month in BYU’s Marriott Center as part of the Freedom Festival. With 5,000 fifth-grade performers, it’s the largest elementary school performance in the nation. Other schools (like Deerfield) put a lump in parents’ throats with their own version of this patriotic frenzy.These America-loving preteens livened things up with “We Can Be A Light.”Teachers including Mr. Dawson awarded 16 students who completed the Great American Challenge (extra assignments to promote civic involvement and political knowledge).My daughter Hailey (right) and her friends Mattea Denney and Hannah Howard completed the challenge. Hailey wrote letters to her principal and President Obama as part of her project. I’m sure major changes are now under way thanks to her ideas!All of this anthem singing has me looking forward to the summer festivals. We just completed the magazine for Orem Summerfest, which kicks off the summer with parades and fireworks in early June. We also produced a magazine for the Cedar Hills Family Festival. The talk among our editors and designers lately has been about 5K routes and carnival schedules. To plan your family’s summer calendar, see our listings in Utah Valley Magazine. Hint! You might want to pick up a little flag to wave.