I Did and I

(Warning: This post contains a couple of sub-par self portraits.)I waved good-bye to April from the sunny shores of San Diego. Being editor of Utah Valley Magazine doesn’t usually involve carry-ons and sandy beaches, but we got asked with just a few days notice to come to Hotel Del Coronado to interview and photograph for an upcoming issue of Prosper Magazine. So I kissed my husband and kids goodbye and headed south with Kate (another writer) and MaryLyn (photographer). Girls trip! We took hundreds of pics and typed thousands of words before we returned on Sunday. Since leaving baggage claim, I’ve been chasing my to-do list around like that important piece of paper that blows out of your car and you run, jump, dive and grab after it like there’s no tomorrow! And most of my to-dos can’t wait for tomorrow, so the chase is on. Just to let you in on the fun, here are five things I DID do within the past week. I went sailing in San Diego Bay with a group of successful Isagenix associates. The only problem was I didn’t realize I was part of the three-hour tour. I walked down to the harbor so we could take pictures as they embarked. But then two spots on the catamaran magically opened up, and MaryLyn and I hopped on board. I was the only sailor wearing high heels and holding a laptop.I did buy an expensive but beautiful box of taffy to bring home to my four kids. I couldn’t wait to open it and taste “taffy from the sea” with my sugar lovers. To my disappointment, the box contained the same old taffy we buy in the bins at Maceys. This week I also shared my wisdom with the Lehi Chamber of Commerce. Obviously, it was a short meeting. (I’m not kidding. This lunch meeting ended before 1. I did applaud teachers, principals and librarians at Alpine Foundation’s Accent on Excellence. I lucked out to sit with and award Paul Ruesch from Alpine Elementary!(Side story: This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at our elementary school, and I was telling Matt it feels like I’m always figuring out presents for teachers: Christmas, their birthdays, Teacher Appreciation Week, the last day of school, etc. Nathan said, “So you’re saying teachers are overappreciated?” Uh, good point, son. As the daughter of a school teacher, I know “overappreciated” isn’t possible. The cards and gifts will continue!) And today I did roof a house for Habitat for Humanity (and I’m using the term “roofing” very loosely — although I hope the shingles are air-tight. I tried!).Sometimes people say things to me such as, “How do you fit everything in?” (Which is code for: “You’re crazy!”)But the truth is, I DON’T do a lot of things. Here’s just a sampling  … I didn’t find my son’s Muckdogs baseball T-shirt.) I don’t floss, despite the pleadings of Dr. Pitts’ staff at my appointment this week. For me, it falls in the category of squeezing from the bottom: too time-consuming. I didn’t run in the half marathon at Thanksgiving Point. And that makes four races I’ve paid for, trained for and sat out for. (Last summer a stress fracture gave my running career the boot. And this last-minute San Diego trip took me away from the race. I was sad until Matt sent me this pic the morning of …)I didn’t make it to my Thanksgiving Point meeting concerning the Museum of Natural Curiosity. I agreed to help them raise money for their AWESOME children’s museum, but as it turns out I’m not very good at raising money. Or attending meetings when they are the same time as my dentist appointment. Or attending anything to do with Thanksgiving Point this week, although I’m a big fan and card-carrying member of this community icon. In fact, our very first cover of Utah Valley Magazine featured Karen Ashton, founder of Thanksgiving Point. We’re big fans. Tulips and all. Here’s another thing I didn’t do. I didn’t remember a counter top guy was coming to measure my bathroom this week. And based on #2 on this list of “didn’t do,” you can imagine what my counter looks like (hint: everything is right at my fingertips to save time.)So I did some stuff, and I didn’t do some stuff. And that’s pretty much how it goes around here.