Marriage Compatibility Test

I failed a test today. Melanie Reese from and Amanda Sanchez of Richter7 stopped by to fill me in on the exciting things happening around Utah to prepare couples for marriage and to strengthen those who’ve already tied the knot. They also gave me a tube of toothpaste with a “5-second marriage compatibility test.” Do you …  “A. Squeeze from the middle” … or ….  “B. Squeeze from the bottom.” I know Matt would choose “B.” And I know he’s right. But 99 times out of 99 I’m trying to save time so I just squeeze from the middle and plan to even out the toothpaste later. (I never get around to “later.” Matt is a patient man.) I love the fun and lighthearted approach this statewide initiative takes to strengthen marriages. (See their recent funny ad on page 3 of Utah Valley Bride Magazine.) Yes, Utah is known for weddings. But we’re also known for a higher divorce rate than the national average. Not good. Wouldn’t we rather be known for our Jell-O, national parks and regularly brushed teeth — regardless of the squeeze technique? Can I hear an “I do”? Ideally, brides and grooms prepare for marriage and then stay married. And this is where the articles, events and surveys found at come in. Don’t dismiss this as some stuffy or academic relationship website. Phrases like “freaking awesome,” “factors in marital success” and “10 surprising health benefits of sex” will draw you in, and before you know it you’ve learned ways to improve your relationship. It’s freaking awesome, people. Thanks to Melanie and Amanda for the info and tube of toothpaste! I may try more compatible “squeezes” in the future, but Matt’s not convinced I can give up my “middle” technique. We are together at home and at work (see the short distance between our desks), and he knows my habits. For better or worse.