Basket Case

The Easter Basket Auction was named one of the 10 top charitable events in Utah County by none other than Utah Valley Magazine. Yep, I’m sourcing myself. I tabulated the list with my own ten fingers for our January 2010 issue, and I am surprised, elated and little bit nervous when I see people reference or quote us (like CJane did here). But I’m not at all nervous about highlighting the Easter event at Academy Square because I’ve attended several times and appreciate both the cause and the effect. Last night my 13-year-old Nathan was my date for this event that supports Provo’s after-school and summer programs.  He wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into, but when he realized there was food AND BYU items up for auction he was an instant philanthropist. He felt we should support the Provo School District Foundation by outbidding other Cougar fans for the BYU basket. He ensured that our bidder number of 159 was the last line on the paper when time ran out. Rise and shout! The baskets and live auction items were donated by generous community members and businesses. The bidders left their recessions at home and brought their big picture billfolds to the event.
Kim Brown and Brent Brown (two powerful and philanthropic business leaders and valley residents) are the faces and hands and wallets behind this 9th annual event. And it was a huge success yet again! It turns out Utah Valley Magazine is a pretty reliable source when it comes to naming top charitable events. And you can quote me on that.