Testing Out ‘Boredom Busters’

We’re within 48 hours of going to print with our May/June issue of Utah Valley Magazine. But I couldn’t wait to try out some of the ideas you’ll read about in our “Boredom Busters” feature. We walked away from the loose ends and unwritten cutlines we usually swim in at the end of the magazine production cycle, and instead we planned a swimming trip to St. George. After one last stop at the office to cross off a few to-dos, we headed south. Carson (age 7) asked, “Are we a fourth of the way there?” Nope, we just barely left. Thirty minutes go by. “Are we a oneth of a tenth of the way there?” For his academic benefit, it’s a good thing school started again today after a math-less spring break. We started our three-day journey with a jaunt to Cove Fort. Our missionary tour guide left us with a little something to remember him by in this picture. We also went to Snow Canyon where Nathan (age 13) took in the red vistas. As a Cougar fan, that’s not normally his favorite hue. We also took the shuttle into Zion and found the two easiest hikes on the map including Weeping Rock. When Carson got up there he said, “We hiked a quarter mile to see mud? Preposterous!” But we didn’t just see mud. We also saw breathtaking waterfalls, a dozen colors of sand, spring springing and people singing (that’s a reference to my seatmate on the Zion shuttle. National parks expose kids to people they didn’t know existed). Notice the blue ball in the picture above and below. It’s a Bennett tradition to haul a ball around pretty much everywhere we go. It gets bounced down trails, floated on, kicked (especially in lobbies despite my protests) and eventually popped on every trip. When Lindsey (age 5) heard us say we were going to the great outdoors, she figured it was the perfect time to wear a fancy skirt her aunt Roxanne gave her. And since she’s the baby of the family, we let her. Before and after Zion, we took our time visiting the highlights of Springdale and Rockville, which Matt renamed Rock-and-roll-ville. He can do that type of map editing since he is a rock carver, and he picked stones for his future projects. Now we’ve climbed our way back up I-15, and we’re in the office crossing the Ts on this next issue. But I feel much better about it now that we’ve personally tested some of our boredom-busting ideas. Check!