So I haven’t blogged in a week. What have I been doing, you ask? A whole lotta stuff. I just can’t remember exactly WHAT. So I checked the photo log on my phone to remind me. And this week’s theme starts with “cam” and ends with “era.” And speaking of phones, I was also checking my weather app every other raindrop to figure out when we could take the cover photo for our next issue of Utah Valley Magazine. After a reschedule or two, Mother Nature fit us into her schedule on Monday. I won’t tell you WHO these men are, but they are a father-son combo (which is perfect for a Father’s Day story). You’ll learn more when the issue comes out in early May. And I’ll learn more when I finish writing the article today. (Thanks to Kenneth and MaryLyn Linge for their stellar photo skills.) But the hardest photo shoot was where I was in front of the cam with an era. In this era of my life, I’m not looking for things to add to my schedule. But when I saw that the talented Justin Hackworth was looking for mother/daughter combos for his 30 Strangers exhibit, I threw my hatless head in. Because I AM looking for things to do with Hailey. She’s my 11-year-old roommate, and she isn’t camera shy. When she saw our official welcome, she asked me to take the first pic of the shoot. But then the real professional took over. Justin is a master at reading light and faces.

The dramatic black and white result is just as it should be — Hailey in front. I’ve been following her lead for years when it comes to fashion, funny and fun.