In General

When Matt and I were dating and then engaged, we worked for separate student news organizations. Matt was editor at The Scroll (Ricks College), and I was editor at The Daily Universe (BYU). We both got press passes to cover the April 1995 General Conference, which meant we got to sit together in the balcony press section of the Tabernacle on Temple Square (cheap date!). Our non-digital cameras captured President Gordon B. Hinckley (a fellow journalist) being sustained as the new LDS prophet. Sixteen years later, Matt and I again sat together with tickets from LDS Public Affairs. The only difference is that General Conference is now in the Conference Center. And that our press passes are from the same media outlet (ours). And that we’re married. And that digital thing.

It was a snowy Sunday morning, so I pulled out my brown boots that had begun to hibernate for spring/summer. I also wore a long skirt from Dear Lizzie that my non-filtered neighbor once said looks like curtains. But for the record, a lady behind me in line on Sunday got my attention to say she loved my skirt. And she hadn’t yet heard the conference talks on kindness.