UV50 Gala

Last night was our 4th annual UV50 gala. That’s “BusinessQ speak” for the night where we gather the county’s top 50 businesses for appetizers and applause and so much more.

Here are 10 things I’m going to remember about the 2011 gala at Talon’s Cove in Saratoga Springs.Matt made me promise I would eat during the day as we set up, but my integrity went the way of my high heels. I did an involuntary fast except for one truffle provided by Commerce Real Estate Solutions. Matt did bring me Chick-Fil-A just before the event started, but I only sipped the soda — the rest of the dinner ended up in the bathroom garbage where I was transforming from setup girl to hostess gal. Culinary Crafts served up delicious appetizers and entrees, but my appetite forgot to check in. Podiums and microphones do that to me. But after the ballroom cleared for the night, I was craving my cold asparagus and filet. Culinary Crafts boxed up my entree, and later I microwaved it while Matt and I relived the evening.Our huge UV50 banner wasn’t finding a home inside the facility, but in the early afternoon I got a crazy idea to hang it outside. After I batted my eyelashes, the Talon’s Cove geniuses risked their lives and their stucco to put in a few nails and announce UV50 in a big way.Before picking up our kindergartner, Matt picked up the green napkins from Diamond Rental and brought the cloth squares to us. (Points for Matt!) But he didn’t notice they handed him hunter green napkins instead of lime green. (Strike the points!) Unlike Americans, not all greens are created equal. It took deliveries from both the Salt Lake and Orem locations, but there were eventually 230 lime napkins in the house. (Points restored!)Although it seemed impossible at first, we fit 217 guests around 27 round tables in the ballroom. If we’d had one more RSVP, we would have burst into the reception area. Briana Stewart (managing editor of BusinessQ) and I shared a few “Did You Knows” as an intro to our Fastest-Growing Company awards. Then cue the video. Cue the video. Cue the video! The DVD player couldn’t hear us or the remote. When the screen did finally turn the proper shade of green, a silent movie began. I said to the crowd, “And did you know … technology never works when you need it to …” Luckily, this glitch had a happy ending. (Thanks to Issimo for the stellar video segments.)The attire ranged from jeans to tuxes. Property Solutions, our #4 fastest-growing company, filled two tables with white tuxes and red shoes. They guaranteed themselves some camera time.The evening ended with our No. 1 Startup to Watch (Orabrush) giving us a taste of their tongue-brushing YouTube phenomenon. Let’s just say people were clamoring to pick up their free tongue cleaner on the way out. Hello funny skit, goodbye bad breath.After wishing everyone a safe drive home, I glanced at the time on my phone: 8:41 p.m. My estimated timeline had us finishing at 8:44. Just call me Rainwoman.Briana and I were the last ones out with a few bags and boxes hanging off our arms, and only then did we see our brilliant banner still hanging in the breeze. Oh, yes .. the banner. We set our things on the curb and tried to fling the canvas off the nails. Ryan from Talon’s Cove bravely climbed an extension ladder tangled in a rope and freed one end of the banner while Bri and I swung the rest of it loose. Cheers! One last rollup and the 2011 UV50 gala was complete.The lake view and the lights were spectacular on the drive home. My phone was dead from a hard day’s work, so I couldn’t snap one last photo. Congratulations to our 2011 UV50 winners. If it’s true that behavior rewarded is behavior repeated, Utah County’s business community is in for another stellar year of growth!Lastly, thanks to our staff (especially Bri Stewart in the center) for throwing the party!