Pillar of Strength

“For People Who Love the Valley” might be the tagline for Utah Valley Magazine, but Nu Skin’s Blake Roney actually lives and breathes it. As last night’s recipient of the inaugural “Pillar of the Valley” award, Blake had us laughing and longing to do more with our own lives.When he stood up at the end to deliver his acceptance speech/comedy routine, Blake joked about how troubling it was to look at the “big head” on the screen throughout the evening. But the size of the display doesn’t mean he has a big ego — unless you take his jokes too seriously. A story was told about a friend texting Blake and asking how he stays so happy all the time. Blake gave three smiley answers. “I carry a relatively low inventory of sin.” “I’m incredibly good looking.” “I can crack myself up pretty much any time.” Blake also finds his happy with BYU sports, which is why the closing number was so perfect: BYU football players filed in to sing “Armies of Helaman.” I was impressed with their harmonies and their ties on a Friday night. I’m also one who “loves the valley,” and last night reminded me why. Blake and the hundreds of others in the Hinckley Center use their lives to add life to Utah Valley. And those are the kind of pillars worth writing about — and worth giant video screen treatment.