Happy Birthday, Hailey!

My favorite great-grandmother was born in 1901. It was always easy to figure out her age — simply take the year and subtract one. When I found out I was due to have a baby in March 2000, my mathematical mind squealed, “We’ll always know how old she is!” Exhibit A: I’m positively positive Hailey is turning 11 today. Exhibit B: In 2020, she’ll turn 20. And so on, and age forth. And because having a newborn and starting a magazine are a great combination, 2000 is also the birth year of Utah Valley Magazine. Yes, Hailey and Utah Valley Magazine are fraternal twins. Their first year of life was busy with late nights and round-the-clock pampering. Now Hailey is a Utah Valley Magazine reader, and her birthday wish was to visit the boutiques featured in the fashion section of our current issue. So last Saturday was labeled “Hailey Day” on our kitchen calendar, and we hopped around the county with the grand finale at Cherry Lane Boutique.  We laughed and talked from sale racks to dressing rooms. And that’s the thing about this 11-year-old — we easily share shoes and conversation. Happy birthday, Hailey! I love you!