Book Review by my Seventh-Grader

Two years ago, my daughter and I interviewed Brandon Mull for our March/April 2009 issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Brandon was our “cover boy” to represent the Fabulous 50 article, and the timing thickened the plot because his fourth installment of “Fablehaven” was released that same month.Fast forward to March 2011, and Brandon is having yet another release party — this time for the first book in his “Beyonders” series. So naturally I hired another one of my children to write the review. It’s not that I haven’t read Brandon Mull’s books …. wait, yes it is. Here’s my son’s review, which he hopes equals extra credit either at home or at school.I’m Nathan Bennett, a seventh grader at Mountain Ridge Junior High. I read the “Fablehaven” series and loved all five books, so I was very excited when my parents came home from the office with a copy of “Beyonders.” This book did not disappoint. It was well written, and it had an exciting plot and some funny parts. The book was like “Fablehaven” because it was about humans going into a magical world they didn’t know about. But it was different from “Fablehaven” because the characters had different personalities and ages. The characters have to go through different obstacles, and the book revolves around them trying to find a word that can destroy the evil emporer. The action in “Beyonders” keeps you reading from chapter to chapter. It’s a book that’s hard to put down because you’ll get to a stopping point, but then there’s another part you want to figure out. So it keeps you interested. It’s a book you want to finish. The book ends at a good part that makes you want to read the second book when it comes out. It’s hard to say if “Beyonders” is better than “Fablehaven.” I thought “Fablehaven” got better with every book, and I think this first book of “Beyonders” is about as good as the third or fourth “Fablehaven.” So the last book in the “Beyonder” series will probably be way good. I think it’s cool that Brandon Mull is a really great writer and he lives so close to us. He even visited my elementary school a few years ago. I like his style of writing and his word choices and stuff. Basically, if you liked “Fablehaven,” you’ll like “Beyonders.” The excitement starts Tuesday, March 15, with a signing and launch party at Deseret Book in Midvale. The party moves to Orem on Wednesday, March 16, when Brandon signs at the Deseret Book in Orem. Visit for more details.