Fabulously Fab 50

This year’s batch of 50 came to InStudio on three separate days in January and February for photo shoots and small talk, which resulted in a big, fabulous feature in our March/April issue of Utah Valley Magazine. For a behind-the-scenes video of a foursome including Alex Boye and Mallory Everton, visit our Utah Valley Magazine blog. You can also click here for a short fab 50 clip that I referenced on this blog a few posts ago. Still can’t get enough? Here are a few other snapshots … Photographer Kenneth Linge (who has judged many pageants) asked to try on Miss Utah’s crown. We picked Miss Utah before she made it to the top 15 in the Miss America pageant. I watched the pageant from home and was rooting for Christina, a UVU student. In the photo above, she and William are seated, but we ended up choosing a pic with all of them on their feet AND holding the F-A-B props. Sometimes it took a minute to find the perfect group arrangement using the white stools we had purchased at IKEA the day before the shoot. Provo Mayor John Curtis is a bit of a blur as he leaves the photo shoot to go watch one of his children’s games. Paul Dishman brought a white shirt as an alternative, but the blue shirt he already had on ended up coordinating perfectly with the others in his group. Elden Nelson (second from left) blogs at fatcyclist.com and got some great news a couple days ago. Not only did Utah Valley Magazine come out (obviously), but he also won “Lifetime Achievement” in the 2011 Bloggie Awards. He’s a big deal, people. In the photo above, you can also see Samantha Murphey conducting an interview in the background. Sam did an awesome job of coordinating the info and schedules of our busy Fab 50. Now do you feel like you were at the photo shoot? I hope so! If you really want to get to know the faces, pick up a copy of Utah Valley Magazine or click here to read about the fifty. Nifty.