Extra! Extra!

Read all about it! The March/April issue of Utah Valley Magazine bounced into the county just when Jimmer Fever has hit fever pitch.But there’s more to the magazine than meets the eye. In this issue we aim to be all things to our people (that’s a quote from our lively editorial meeting last week). We’ve got sports (Jimmer), we’ve got fashion, we’ve got marriage advice from three happy couples and we’ve got home improvement ideas. If that’s not enough, we’ve also gathered 50 fabulous faces for you to meet and greet. But the fun of this issue doesn’t end on the last page. Several of the featured fashion items will be given away to lucky readers. Find out more about our weekly giveaways by following our Utah Valley Magazine blog — or find us on Facebook.It’s just a little extra! extra! from your local! local! magazine newsstand.