Social (Media) Butterflies

The electronic stars aligned yesterday, and the valley’s four brightest minds in social media climbed the same stage and answered my questions.(From left), we had George Wright who is the mastermind behind the “Will It Blend?” campaign on YouTube; David Bradford is the chairman of the board at Fusion-io; Rich Christiansen has started 31 companies; Paul Allen is a founder of FamilyLink, and For their complete bios and our favorite quotes from the panel, see our BusinessQ blog. My favorite panel memories? Paul and Rich both talked about getting ideas from hanging out with nerdy high school and college students. George said the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make with social media is not jumping in and doing it. David Bradford is an “open book” on Facebook and lets people know he cares about his family and takes vacations just like the rest of us. He has built his network of more than 15,000 online by being authentic.The Big Business and Technology Expo continues today until 5 p.m. It feels like a class reunion for the local business community — complete with prizes, food and somewhat awkward glances at name tags just to be sure. See you there!