Growing Gains

Yesterday was our quarterly roundtable for BusinessQ — or in other words, I took another class toward my honorary MBA. True, I did a business minor as part of my bachelor’s in journalism, but let’s face it — I was mostly worried about what was on the test and whether my roommates had paid their portion of the rent. My education has largely come onsite as a business owner and interviewer of the wise.At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, six brilliant entrepreneurial minds in Utah Valley filled our conference room with their personalities and ideas to talk about growing their businesses.Dave Williams shared four principles he uses to guide Fishbowl (find out what they are when BusinessQ hits newsstands in a few weeks). Dave Decker with Complete Merchant Solutions has learned if you focus on capturing market share and creating a brand, profits will follow. Aaron Brown has seen tremendous growth at Box Homes Loans and shared how technology made it possible. Cary Robarge’s definition of growth actually involved trimming down his list of services at Robarge Collision. Attorney Jonathan Driggs told how many entrepreneurs don’t want to take time to seek legal advice, yet an attorney can be their most valuable asset in the beginning stages. Sean Whalen said the best decision he made was to bring on a partner who is the exact opposite of him at Property 23.In other words, it was a fascinating hour. Portions of the transcript will appear in our spring issue of BusinessQ — coming to a mailbox, newsstand and doctor’s office near you the first week of March. Now I’m going to create a spot on the wall to hang my honorary MBA diploma.