That’ll teach me

I put aside my normal black attire and wore red today to the elementary school where I helped with two of my kids” Valentine”s parties. My rotation station involved glitter glue, foam stickers, sequins and first-graders. Needless to say, I didn”t go back to our magazine office afterwards because I needed an Advil and a pillow. And a hand-scrubbing.My admiration for teachers shines brighter than a 7-year-old”s paper covered with an entire bottle of glitter glue. (I don”t think that particular project will dry till Mother”s Day.) Teachers deserve a giant valentine every day of the year. My father, mother and father-in-law are teachers. So are my sister and two brothers-in-law. They aren”t too cool for school, and I love them for it. This year when we selected our 50 most fabulous Utah County residents for our March issue of Utah Valley Magazine, I knew the list wasn”t complete without a teacher. Gay Beck, the teacher of the year for the entire Beehive State, was a perfectly fabulous choice. Here she is holding the zero and interacting with the other fabulous faces. (You”re welcome for the sneak preview … check back the first week of March for the entire fabulous list) Click here: fab 50 clip