Mixed Bag

My purse is a conversation starter.I was drawn to this beauty in an expensive boutique last fall, but then I laughed at the pricetag and walked off. When Christmas came around, Matt surprised me with my first name-brand purse. If I didn’t love it so much, I would have cried at how much he spent.After I got over my fear of actually using this purse (no crumbs! no scuffs!), I started getting admiring looks and questions about the bulging bag on my arm. Kids always want to know “how it works.”But today I was embarrassed of my Kate Spade purse. After an enjoyable lunch with my Women in Philanthropy buddies, we toured Community Action Services, which is the second largest food bank in Utah and distributes more than 2 million pounds of food from the Provo headquarters.Several families were on site to utilize the variety of services that this great organization provides. The value of my purse might be more than their monthly rent. I felt small. I felt guilty. I felt empowered by the experience.Our community is generous and aware. Sub for Santa is just the tip of the top done within our county borders. There are year-round opportunities to meet 24/7 needs. I came away with a new commitment to use Utah Valley Magazine to highlight the good and the great — and especially the best — that happens inside Utah County. If you know of a generous story or a kind face you’d like to see on our magazine pages, please leave a comment here or e-mail jeanette@uvmag.com. My purse is big enough for a very thick idea notebook.