Married to the Idea

So next week is National Marriage Week. Didn’t know that? Neither did I until I got a press release this week from the Utah Commission on Marriage. Being a magazine editor has its perks. I also got an important media alert about pet urns and another about hip replacement recall. I’m pretty much in the “know.” But I am pretty excited about Feb. 7-14 being National Marriage Week. I happen to be a fan of the husband-wife combo. We’ll be featuring three of Utah Valley’s happiest couples in our next issue of Utah Valley Magazine. It’s been sweet to see these twitterpated twosomes come to our offices for their interviews and photo shoots. And speaking of photo shoots, Matt and I had our own 30-second shoot as we tested the lights for the happy couple backdrop. From this photo, you may not be able to tell that Matt is the one pulling pranks around the office while I’m glued to my desk skipping lunch. Yin and yang, my friends. P.S. This wooden chair is a little gem we picked up when one of our clients was closing their store and opted to pay their advertising bill with merchandise. Again with the perks!