Time and Continents

We started the week by ending the month of January. Our monthly staff meeting included a review of the past 31 days (yeah MainStreet!) and a look toward February (yeah UVMag!)It makes me positively giddy to have 16 team members who love Utah Valley Magazine, Utah Valley Bride and BusinessQ as much as I do. Our strong team approach should give me time to pursue hobbies, and yet I’m not a hobbyist. Or a lobbyist (although I do have my eye on the 2012 election). Matt, on the other hand, has taken up rock carving.This is the view from our son’s bedroom. Matt spends his non-magazine time with a dremel in his hand as he sculpts stone. Little piece of trivia … we hauled 600 pounds of alabaster home from a quarry on our trip to Southern Utah last summer. Another piece of trivia … the alignment on our Honda Odyssey has never been the same. My husband the hobbyist finished the weekend by polishing continents. That’s the kind of project Matt didn’t have time for during our startup phase. And it’s the kind of difficult, messy and ridiculously cool project I would not attempt no matter how much time I had. Call me a snobbyist.