I Speak Like a Girl

The big speech on BYU’s campus yesterday was given by Jimmer at the Marriott Center. But Jan. 26 was also the day I was invited to lecture at BYU’s Marriott School as part of the Women Entrepreneur Lecture Series. Marriott Schmarriott.I don’t know how many points I scored with the audience, but I did steal a few laughs as I revealed embarrassing magazine moments such as knocking on Steve Young’s bedroom door and trying to leave a message for Ken Garff (who was no longer living at the time of my phone call). But mostly, I shared lessons from interviewing fabulous women like Ann Romney, Stephanie Nielson, Jane Clayson Johnson and others. The students popped questions I would have asked when I was a backpack-carrying, ponytail-wearing twentysomething. “How do you handle your roles as a mother and as a career woman?” Sigh. There’s no slam-dunk answer to that one. But I did share what I’ve learned from interviewing woman of all ages and childbearing backgrounds. Truth? It’s not easy. But neither is handing San Diego State their first loss of the season. You just put together a solid team and go after it. Granted, there will be wins and losses along the way. But that’s the madness of it. Count me in.