Couple Up

Today’s to-do list got nary a scratch. As soon as I got to work with Lindsey (the self-diagnosed-sick kindergartner), I began putting out fires like a NYC chief. She became chief of the whiteboard.My fires included four batches of changes to a Spanish version of a Nu Skin magazine — and mi espanol is not muy bien. Then I met with a local video whiz who shared her energy and ideas for adding moving pics to our moving stories. I looked through a photo shoot of Jimmer Fredette. (I know I wrote about him last week, too, but I’m not the one in the office with a Jimmer obsession. Or at least not the ONLY one …) Sam and I finalized the list of Fabulous 50 nominees. Kate and I talked through distribution of our Bride magazine. I asked my brother-in-law to try out the locally made ties that landed on my desk over the weekend. And my Macbook Pro kept up with the news about Steve Jobs and Apple stock. What I did NOT do was take my to-do list out of my bulging bag. And even if I had, I wouldn’t have crossed off “test the background/lighting for our happy couples photo shoot.” Dave (our art director) eventually got tired of waiting for me and Matt to be available at the same time for a photo, and he grabbed two new test subjects from the editorial room.


Samantha Murphey (left) joined our team last summer and has quickly become our go-to blogger, editor and coordinator. Kate Lehnhof (right) interned with us in summer 2009 and joined us full time a year ago. She adds personality to our pages, and then she turns around and distributes those pages on the newsstand and other issue-specific locations (assisted by my children.)


Sam and Kate are a couple of happy employees, but they aren’t the kind of happy couple you’ll read about in our next issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Those couples will be the marrying kind. (Thanks to our readers for the fun “happy couples” nominations!)


Now I’m getting out my notepad and Sharpie to cross “blog post” off my to-do list. One down …. a couple dozen to go …