Scouting Out Jackson

Matt gave some cub scouts a tour of our office this week — and delivered to them the devastating news that we don’t house our own printing presses. “There are only computers to see here, boys.” But these 8-year-olds delivered a surprise to him, too. They hadn’t heard of Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer!! Even if you don’t know about his 47-point highlight reel from Tuesday’s series-long-tiebreaker against Utah, you should know about this BYU wonderboy with a basketball. If nothing else, his name is fun to say. Jimmer. Jimmer! Jimmer!! But it’s not all about Jimmer (contrary to my paragraph above). He happens to have an impressive sidekick named Jackson Emery. And if you are a voracious Utah Valley Magazine reader, you’ve known about him since 2005 when he was one of our “high school students who will change the world.” (Click the pic to read about his favorite movie and high school memory.)We conducted this interview and photo shoot in April 2005 at the treehouse at University Mall (that crowded former landmark where every kneebiter in the county laughed and cried at one point). Jackson was kind and impressive and driven — and less bulky than he is now as a BYU senior. We also wrote about Jackson and the other local boys on the BYU squad in our Nov/Dec 2010 issue. As for that Jimmer character? More on him in our March/April 2011 issue.