Nifty Fifty

We started BusinessQ Magazine in Spring 2003, which is also the year I had my third child. It was a year of laboring — and of being outnumbered. By children and magazine titles. With b-to-b stories pie-charting their way around the valley, the premiere issue of BusinessQ practically launched itself out of our first office at the mouth of Provo Canyon. Alan Ashton (of WordPerfect fame and fortune) graced the first cover with his tennis tie. It was word perfect. (Editor’s note: Please read that as clever — not boastful.)Fast forward eight years, and I’m the proud mother of an 8-year-old magazine and an almost 8-year-old first-grader. BusinessQ took a turn for the cool four years ago when we launched the UV50, which I describe as our version of the Fortune 500 or Inc 500. We name the top 50 companies in our spring issue, and we throw a gala in their honor. It’s nifty.This Friday is the deadline to apply to be part of the hoopla, and we’re still looking for fastest-growing companies, top revenue generators and startups to watch. The application could have been completed in the time you took to read this blog post. And with that, I’ll stop babbling while you apply.