Grand Pa

My Grandpa Reeve handwrote a check for $10 in 2000 and became one of the first subscribers to Utah Valley Magazine. He now lives in West Jordan after outliving two wives, one of whom was my maternal grandmother — a former English teacher who died of cancer when I was 10. As a single 88-year-old World War II veteran, he carries on the grandparenting duties — including watching his great-grandson (my Carson) play Tiny Tim at Hale Center Orem last month. Grandpa was the best-dressed man in the theater.After receiving one of our 2003 issues of Utah Valley Magazine, Grandpa Reeve called and told me he was shocked (and not in a good way). That’s a conversation I don’t plan to have again. (And I won’t be linking to the shocker in this post. I’m smart like that.) Knowing Grandpa is going to read the magazine plays into the topics we cover — and the covers we design.Grandpa gave me similarly profound guidance when I was deciding who to marry. “Don’t marry a dunderhead,” he told me knee-to-knee. I speak “Grandpa,” so I knew what he meant. Shortly after, I married Matt Bennett who is certainly no dunderhead. In fact, he’s my level-headed business partner and best friend. Subscribers like Grandpa Reeve motivate me to produce magazines that are shocking only in good ways. And if I don’t succeed, I hope he’ll continue to tell me. If you have comments and advice to share, let’s go knee-to-knee electronically at I’d be a dunderhead not to listen.