Electronic Mayhem

I knew Stephanie Nielson was popular. Heck, I wrote a seven-page article and multiple blog posts about her celebrity status. But I still didn’t anticipate the electronic mayhem that erupted this morning when nieniedialogues.com blogged about the cover story in our newly released Utah Valley Magazine. I apologize if you spent time this morning staring at our crashed website as it sluggishly tried to pull up the article. But I know WHY so many of you read and need NieNie. I started following her blog this past year, and now I can’t start my day without checking in with Stephanie and her witty sister Courtney (aka C. Jane). When Stephanie revealed her 2011 calendar, I knew she’d be perfect to help us start the year with perspective. When we arrived for the photo shoot last month, Nicholas was her only child at home. But with Stephanie’s three changes of clothes, hairdos and multiple light setups, the clock ticked and tocked until the other kids came home. The girls wanted to share their after-school stories with mom. She listened intently and then invited them to go help their dad in the backyard while we snapped the last few photos. I love to watch other women juggle the good, better and best that life tosses their way.I did my own balancing act that day as my phone kept ringing and buzzing. My husband and I exchanged six texts during the photo shoot. Topics? Kindergarten pickup and prizes for our company Christmas party. Ironically, I also missed a call that afternoon from Michael McLean — the cover man from our last issue of Utah Valley Magazine. I had seen “Forgotten Carols” the night before, and Michael was returning my congratulatory call on his festive performance.But enough about my phone log and back to the woman of the week — Stephanie Nielson. Come back tomorrow for another behind-the-scenes photo of Provo’s postess with the mostess.