Best Week Of The Year

Being a magazine editor is what I do. Being a wife and mother is who I am. And that distinction becomes more clear with every round of Ticket to Ride during this week between Christmas and New Year’s — aka my favorite week of the year. In the 52 weeks of 2010, we dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on nearly 50 magazines at Bennett Communications. I loved every page of it, but my mind is like my laptop — occasionally I need to be turned off. Left alone. Restarted. That’s what the last seven days of the year are for. This week is also for haircuts for my kindergartner (snarls be gone). And for opening 23 notes from my first-grader on Christmas morning. (Which means it’s time to cry.) This week is for sledding (thanks to my bro-in-law for creating the best luge run Woodland Hills has ever seen). It’s also the perfect time to take my daughters to Dear Lizzie while the boys are at a basketball tournament in West Jordan. By Monday, I’ll be ready (I think) to tackle a new year with all of its deadlines and punctuation. But for now, I have a few routes to complete on Ticket To Ride and leftover holiday goodies to enjoy before my 2011 resolutions kick in.

Short and Oh-So-Sweet

The proofs of the Jan/Feb issue of Utah Valley Magazine arrived today.We took one last look at the issue we turned into Hudson Printing on Monday, and we found six pages that need corrections — that’s proof that we ate too much figgy pudding this month when we should have been editing. And being the experienced eaters and editors we are at Bennett Communications, we know that the proper phrase actually goes like this: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” That’s the kind of little known fact we enjoy swapping with each other in the conference room when we should be proofing.