This One’s for the Girls

I like men. I really do. But I’ve felt a little outnumbered as the only female at the first three BusinessQ roundtables this year. Our spring roundtable was with nine men who talked about the various aspects of starting a business.In the summer I interviewed four male lawyers.And the fall roundtable included five men in the health industry.It was time to trade the suits for skirts!Our fourth quarter roundtable (held today) featured six women who chatted it up about stereotypes and gender hype. I tried to end the videotaped discussion on time, but the women wanted to continue making connections and swapping business cards and stories. I came away grateful that I live in 2010 when every door has been flung open for women. There are still choices, priorities and sacrifices to be made, but the glass ceiling went the way of Y2K.Thank you to the six women who multi-tasked their way into our conference room today: Mary Street (Commerce Real Estate Solutions), Lynette Hilgenberg (Bank of American Fork), Kris Hoffman (Hoffman & Company), Cynthia Gambill (Remedez), Diana Hunter (UVU) and Judy Copier (Kim Brown & Associates).Today’s conversation was for the girls, but there was no “man bashing” going on. Husbands were praised for being supportive partners of their working wives. The truth is, any economy is stronger when supported by both genders.Look for a portion of the transcript in the Winter issue of BusinessQ Magazine (coming out the first week of December).