The Males Have Taken “Cover”

It’s time for the annual excruciating task of picking Bride covers! It takes a village to pick four weddings to feature on our seasonal covers of Utah Valley Bride Magazine. And by “village,” I mean all 16 staff members. But as you can tell from this picture, we tend to squeeze out the males in the office when it comes to saying “I do” to a cover.I’m seated at the computer, toggling back and forth between mockups (great design job, Leah!) while my work sisters say, “That one looks the most natural” or “When it’s zoomed out there is more room for text” or “The bouquet really pops on the third one.”Yes, weddings are joyous occasions. But picking which ones to share with the community? Now that’s one part joy and three parts pain … mostly because every bride looks happy and beautiful enough to perch on a cover. And we honestly feel mean as we eliminate choices from the running.The wedding “festivities” continue tomorrow with the complicated dress photo shoot. Who knew that something so lovely and simple as brides could dominate our publishing village?