The Birth of Two Careers

The Jeanette Gazette isn’t intended to be a “mommy blog,” but the truth is I became an entrepreneur only after becoming a mother 13 years ago to this brand-new teenager.Nathan has the same temperament now that he did as a 7-pound-12-ounce bundle of goodness. He was a responsive and practical baby — he only cried when there was a reason. But somehow it was still incredibly difficult to trade my career as a full-time copy editor at the Deseret News to be an overtime copy-cat mother (I only did what I learned in “What to Expect the First Year”).At first I didn’t know how to pace my time. If I rushed to cross off my to-dos before 10 a.m., the clock ticked …. very … slowly …. the rest of the day. But if I didn’t start the morning with speed, I was still unshowered by the time we sat down for a grilled cheese dinner.I didn’t want to leave my swaddle with anyone else, but I found myself craving more structure and focus. For the first time, I saw my business minor as not just a transcript — I saw it as a solution. My husband, Matt, naturally loves the idea of “putting it all on black” and going for it. So within a few months of cutting the umbilical cord (literally), we started Bennett Communications. We wanted to provide for Nathan without missing out on his touches (which have now turned into touchdowns).Thanks to Nathan’s nudge, our entrepreneurial journey has led to a life full of structure, focus and purpose. We’ve swaddled three more babies since Nathan, and they have gurgled on our laps while we typed, and they’ve napped in the storage room of our Orem office. Our family life and work strife are intermingled in imperfect ways, but it’s the only life our two sons and two daughters have known. Together, the six of us are raising this demanding publishing business.

Nathan and Carson deliver Bride magazines to student housing.

The truth is, Nathan’s birth was a present to me. I unwrapped my entrepreneurial side along with the most rewarding career of all — motherhood. Now I just hope there’s a book titled “What To Expect During the Teenage Years.

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