A leader is a tough act to follow

It snowed six inches at my house on the morning I was to speak at Snow College, which received no precipitation. Ironic.\r\n\r\nThe business department at this Ephraim campus asked me to speak about leadership qualities. Also ironic. I do spend my time interviewing and studying leaders, but I certainly don”t consider myself to be the leader of any pack.\r\n\r\nA leader keeps a clean desk. A leader works far in advance as to avoid any last-minute stress or frustration. A leader only takes on what she can handle and turns away opportunities when her plate is full.\r\n\r\nI”m no leader.\r\n\r\nBut I did enjoy thinking about leadership and presenting what I”ve learned after interviewing successful leaders the past 10 years. I guess you could say I”m more of a follower.\

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